Homecare Equipment Supply

We supply high quality home-care equipment including:

  • Adult and children wheelchairs
  • Bathroom safety equipment
  • Hospital beds and mattresses

Medical Equipment Supply

Includes lab equipment:

  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Laboratory equipments
  • Sterilization equipment

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Diagnostic equipment

These are devices used to diagnose medical conditions or diseases, such as blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, and otoscopes.

Surgical equipment

These are devices used during surgical procedures, such as scalpels, forceps, and surgical scissors.

Therapeutic equipment

These are devices used to treat medical conditions, such as infusion pumps, nebulizers, and ventilators.

Monitoring equipment

These are devices used to monitor a patient's vital signs, such as electrocardiogram (ECG) machines, pulse oximeters, and blood glucose meters.

Laboratory equipment

These are devices used in laboratories to perform medical tests, such as microscopes, centrifuges, and spectrophotometers.

Radiology equipment

These are devices used to diagnose and treat medical conditions using radiation, such as X-ray machines, MRI scanners, and CT scanners.

Dental equipment

These are devices used in dental procedures, such as dental drills, dental chairs, and digital X-ray machines.

Rehabilitation equipment

These are devices used in physical therapy and rehabilitation, such as exercise equipment, prosthetic limbs, and walking aids.

Our Products

Digital Thermometer

Surgical gloves

Oxygen concentrator

Finger orthosis

Medical nursing inflatable striped anti bedsore air mattress

Saunders Cervical Traction Device



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Choice Home Care Mobility and Medical Supplies

We are a homecare and medical equipment supplies company dedicated to providing quality products and services to help people live comfortably and safely in their homes.

Our wide range of products includes mobility aids, home safety equipment, personal care items, and medical equipment. We offer exceptional customer service and expert advice to help our customers select the right products for their individual needs.

We work with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to offer durable, reliable, and affordable products, regularly updating our inventory with the latest technologies.

Additionally, we provide repair and maintenance services to ensure safe and effective use of our equipment. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our customers by helping them live independently and comfortably in their own homes.


selling Improved monitoring technology The development of advanced monitoring technology, such as wearable sensors and remote monitoring systems.

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